About Avid Solar

At Avid Solar we see the many advantages of efficient, renewable, affordable solar energy for all.

Service & Expertise

The Avid Solar team offers design, financing and installation services for residential, commercial and specialty solar customers.  All of Avid Solar’s projects are supervised by licensed professionals with outstanding qualifications in their fields of expertise. Avid Solar LLC is a Massachusetts Registered Home Improvement Contractor: #172537

Avid solar

Russell Aney founded Avid Solar after consulting with both clean energy developers and investors on the economic attractiveness of their projects, helping them to identify and take advantage of the various incentives available to optimize their returns on clean energy investments.

Russ has also:

  • Consulted on the development of wind, solar, hydro, biomass and gas-fired combined heat and power plants.
  • Served as a Board Member of the Solar Energy Business Association of New England
  • Is active in Massachusetts solar policy development.
  • Is a BPI-certified expert in energy efficiency.

Recently, Russ helped to launch a solar grassroots organization, MassSolar; please visit MassSolar’s site SolarIsWorking.org to better understand the history of Massachusetts solar policy and what you can do to support solar’s future in the Commonwealth.

Russ is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and ethical. He knows all the local regulations and rules from top to bottom and delivers honest and reasonable consult that leads to informed and accurate decision making. Highly recommended.
—Sergey Yagoda