What’s Next for Solar?

Technology has been racing forward over the last few years. Costs have come way down and installation has become more streamlined. So where does it go from here? With solar harvesting getting more and more efficient, and battery technology racing ahead in capacity, there’s a good chance that nearly every new home built in five years will have solar power as one of its energy sources.

Older homes are seeing the benefits too, and as adding solar gets easier and cheaper, more homes of every kind will be installing solar.

Businesses too are seeing large decreases in the cost of installing solar systems, and major decreases in costs of energy as a result. Most new manufacturing buildings, storage facilities, and even large retail are using solar to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and to cut energy costs.

As solar continues to gain momentum we will see solar on more structures, and more solar farms collecting energy. Batteries will make storing energy for longer possible, making solar even more dependable and cost effective.